Step 1: Exfoliate & Detox Instant Peeling Pad: Slip your fingers into the sleeve of the cotton pad. Apply the pad to the surface of the skin using gentle, circular motions all over the dry face and upward motions on the neck. Turn the peel pad around and apply it to any areas requiring any exfoliation. Pan can be applied to hands and decollete area. For sensitive skin, leave a peel on for 1-2 minutes. For normal skin or breakout-prone skin, leave the peel on for 3-5 minutes. If excessive irritation occurs, rinse off immediately. Rinse peel thoroughly off the skin with cold water or remove thoroughly with a wet washcloth to prepare the skin for step 2.

• soft, hypoallergenic embossed cotton to gently exfoliate away dead cells and impurities clogged in pores
• infused with LING’s Signature WOW peel formula consisting of Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes with 2% Glycolic Acid to dissolve excess sebum, and soften skin texture, revealing a brighter complexion

Step 2: Brighten & Rejuvenate Instant Oxygen Mask: Gently open the Oxygen Mask sachet. Squeeze out the gel and apply it directly to clean skin. Do not rub after applying. Leave the mask on for at least 3-5 minutes or as long as possible for the oxygenating bubble process to finish. Wipe off with a washcloth and/or rinse with cold water. 

• Carboxy technology to instantly boost skin radiance
• Oxygen helps brighten and rejuvenate skin tone
• Rose Water acts as a powerful antioxidant
• Elastin & Collagen helps to firm
• Hyaluronic Acid provides long-lasting hydration