Spring Nighttime Regimen Kit

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In your nighttime regimen, the only difference is to add EXFOLIATION as part of your skincare routine. Winter skin can be dry, flaky, and dull. The best way to shed off old and dull skin is exfoliation. Exfoliating your face removes dead surface skin cells and reveals a fresher layer of skin.

This spring, let's focus on preventing skin damage, protecting the skin, and repairing the skin barrier.

The unique element for spring skincare is OXYGEN. Oxygen-infused products can breathe new life into the skin that gives you that natural, youthful glow and at the same time heal all irritations & dryness!

After removing your makeup & cleansing your face, here is Ling Chan's Nighttime Spring regimen:

Step 1 (exfoliate): Triple Action Exfoliator - $58.00
Step 2 (hydrate): Dual Moisture Emulsion - $88.00
Step 3 (solve): Oxygen Plasma Potion - $118.00
Step 4 (nourish): Oxygen Plasma Glow Lotion - $62.00

Retail Price - $326.00
Limited Time Offer - $244.50 (25%)