Love Myself Men’s Kit

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If you’ve been skipping out on skincare, it’s time to talk. Effective skincare takes more than just washing your face with whatever soap you have lying around and hoping for the best. 

The truth is, taking some time for self-care each day is critical to being a well-rounded, happy man! The good news is, we have curated a special Men’s Skincare Kit just for you!

Winter skin can be dry, flaky, and dull. The best way to cope with dryness is to be committed to a daily skincare routine that will protect your skin & improve your inner confidence!

Daily Regimen
Step 1: Create Tomorrow Today Purifying Rose Cleanser - $56.00
Step 2: Confident Warrior 24/7 Soothing Oxygen Hydrator - $56.00
Step 3: Empower my Me Power Multi-Vit C + Ferulic Acid Serum -$59.00
Step 4: I am confident I am Superfruit Radiance Lotion - $59.00

Weekly Renew: At-home triple facial
Step 1: EXFOLIATE with Step 1 Instant Peeling Pad of Instant DIY Facial Kit
Step 1.2: RENEW with Shed Past Me Away Papaya Dead Skin Exfoliator
Step 2: DETOXIFY & PORE REFINING with Letting Go Volclayno Charcoal Detox Mask
Step 2.2: GLOW & REJUVENATE with Step 2 Instant Oxygen Mask of Instant DIY Facial Kit

7-piece skincare items

Original Total Value: $371.00
Limited Time Offer: $223.00 (40% off)  

+ FREE Limited Edition $95 value Love Yourself Rose Quartz Facial Roller!