Ling's Fall Regimen (complete set)

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It’s important to understand how to transition your skincare regimen during seasonal changes. Fall brings us the cooler "sweater" weather kind of vibe and a drop in humidity makes our skin dry, dull, and even irritated if we don't use the right products!

To keep skin radiant and healthy, here is Ling Chan's fall skincare regimen recommendation!

The bundle includes 5 full-size items:

Step 1. Triple Action Exfoliator (preferably done during the evening)
The triple combination of pineapple enzymes to exfoliate dead cells, crushed almonds to gently abrade away impurities, and honey to soothe & soften skin, creates a perfect blend for a smooth and clear complexion. 

Step 2. Dual Moisture Emulsion - Ling's #1 Holy grail!
Advanced hydrating emulsion specially formulated to deliver dual layers of vital moisture. Lower levels of the skin are thoroughly hydrated with Hyaluronic Acid while the skin’s surface is softened with nourishing Squalane Oil.

Step 3. Hi-Vitamin C 12% Serum (Anti-oxidant Brightening Solution)
A powerful anti-oxidant for restoring skin suppleness, brightening & evening skin tone. Excellent for treating fine lines and wrinkles, helping the appearance of sun-stressed skin, and protecting skin from free radical environmental damage.

Step 4. DNA DoNotAge Cellular Youth Extension Cream
Infused with Peptides to create an innovative and potent anti-aging formula to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Has the ingredient Teprenone -- which is recognized as a Nobel Prize for its ability to help skin appear healthier looking and younger-acting

Weekly Renew - Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask (2-3x a week)
A therapeutic moisturizing mask formulated with aloe vera to soothe and Panax ginseng to tone. Glycogen revives the skin for a healthier, glowing complexion.

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