LING Custom 5-Step Regimen Sample Kit


Not yet ready to commit to a whole skincare line? No worries! Let us know your skin type and personal skincare concerns and our skincare specialists will create a custom skincare regimen (5-steps) sample kit for you! You will have the confidence to purchase our full sized products knowing that you've already experienced how much it helps you.


What you will get:

1 personalized LING Skincare Regimen Card

Step 1: PURIFY - 1 cleanser or exfoliator sample

Step 2: HYDRATE - 1 hydrating toner sample

Step 3: SOLVE - 1 serum solution sample

Step 4: NOURISH - 1 moisturizer sample

Step 5: RENEW - 1 weekly mask sample


If you have other skincare concerns that you would like to mention (glowing skin, remove acne scars, crows' feet, etc.), please add these comments in the notes portion at checkout.


Happy glowing! :)