Multi Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid (Anti-oxidant Serum) "Empower My Me Power"


Advanced anti-oxidant blend of Vitamin A, B, C & E and ferulic acid works to prevent free radical damage while rejuvenating, anti-aging and brightening complexion.

Skin care confidence: Knowing the largest organ has the remarkable natural power to heal & protect, revive with a potent blend of vitamins and plant extracts providing anti-oxidants to stimulate rejuvenation & reveal our healthiest complexion

Cultivate your inner spa:

We must know we possess remarkable powers inside. Do what we can, the best we can. We must believe we can. Self-belief is the biggest protection against damaging environmental factors and negative self talk. Claim your authentic powers, claim your throne, channel your superheroine or superhero that resides within you. You are a diamond being found. This is the key to full confidence.