Ling’s Advanced Anti-aging Kit

$189 $367

Balance the skin by ensuring hydration to moisturizing it with rich formulas packed with antioxidants and powerful emollients. 

  • Dual Moisture Emulsion ($88) This hydrator is Ling’s anti-aging secret; one that is rich in humectants and emollients to give your skin the most refreshing glass of water. This brilliant emulsion is composed of hyaluronic acid and squalane oil, bringing the skin to balance.

  • DNA DoNotAge Cellular Youth Extension Cream ($95) This anti-aging cream is infused with Peptides to create an innovative and potent anti-aging formula to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Teprenone was recognized with a Nobel Prize for its ability to help skin appear healthier looking and younger-acting. The complexion is left smoother, more even, and youthful.

  • Sparkling DIY Facial Kit ($88) Boost the skin’s resilience with our revolutionary two-step gentle facial kit formulated with Ling’s mastery of facial protocols and signature ingredients. The first step is cotton soaked in a papaya & pineapple enzyme and glycolic solution to help soften the skin and treat congestion. The second step is an oxygen mask to help boost radiance and increase hydration.

  • + Get FREE "Love Yourself" Rose Quartz Roller. Our "Love Yourself" Rose Quartz Roller which is also known as the “Love Stone” is packed full of minerals that has an amazing ability to reduce inflammation, heal, and support the renewal of skin cells.
Bundle includes:
- Dual Moisture Emulsion - $88.00
- DNA DoNotAge Cream - $95.00
- "Love Yourself" SparkLing DIY Facial kit - $88.00
- Rose Quartz Roller - $96.00 value FREE

Original Total Value: $367.00
Limited offer: $189.00